About Offramp

Offramp is the academic journal published by SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. Between 1987 and 2000, SCI-Arc produced seven editions of Offramp, before the title was retired for a number of years. In July 2014, the school reintroduced the journal as part of the Design of Theory Fellowship, and published Offramp 08. Offramp 08 is available at www.offramp-la.com as a dedicated website and downloadable pdf alongside all previous issues.

Offramp 09 is edited by Benjamin Farnsworth, Stefano Passeri and Benjamin J. Smith.

Offramp 10 is edited by Benjamin J. Smith and Zachary Tate Porter.

Offramp 11 is edited by Zachary Tate Porter.

Offramp 12 is edited by the Post Graduate Design Theory and Pedagogy Program at SCI-Arc. This includes Majeda Alhinai, Garet Ammerman, Wendy A. Cox, Matthew Lopez, Maria Penovi, Pooyan Ruhi, Ryan Scavnicky and Henry Yang.

About SCI-Arc

SCI-Arc is a center for architectural innovation and one of the United States’ few independent architecture schools offering undergraduate and graduate programs. Established in Santa Monica in 1972, SCI-Arc has always fostered a rich disciplinary discourse via its various programs, lecture series and short courses. The school has a long history of generating a wide variety of published material both in print and online.